Why YOU need a website for 2020 and beyond

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There are many reasons why you should start your own business or personal brand website now.

Over the past decade the world’s economy and business models have been shifting dramatically from the high street and “Brick & Mortar” business type to online businesses and many businesses who have not adapted to that shift are now in the history books.

Customers habits have also changed as many people find it more convenient to shop online because there is more choice and with that comes more competition which means lower prices and better quality.

What was hard to imagine 10 years ago such as reaching anywhere in the world from where you are using your mobile phone as well as shopping online and placing your orders using only your mobile phone and internet banking, is now second nature.

And because everyone is now connected to the internet, anyone who has no presence online will be left behind and when it comes to websites, time plays a strong role. People who started having a presence online 10 years ago (business wise or personal blogs) are now almost untouchable, because it takes time to build and grow an online community/customer base.

So, in 2030, you could have a 10-year strong and prosperous online business or personal brand with a 10-year old community/customer base, or you could say, “I should’ve started my online presence 10 years ago”, the choice is entirely yours.

One thing to bear in mind though, whatever you decide to build online, you must protect it and be in complete control of what you build. Many platforms offer a FREE website and FREE domain name, but if you look deeper into that, you may find that, these platforms are actually in control NOT you.

The cost of having your own domain and web hosting for your website files such as images, etc. is under 50 cents a day, not a great cost to stay in complete control.   If you need to know anything regarding having your own website or to see some of our website designs, please visit us at www.WebtasticStudio.com or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Webtastic-Studio-106422004332842/.