Stuck At Home

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I was on the phone to my brother late last night and while we were chatting, we discussed many things but the focus of the conversation was about the effects of the Corona virus AKA Covid-19 and the impact this virus is having on people’s lives, businesses, jobs, livelihoods and how everything has almost come to a halt all over the world.

The one thing that is taking a big hit is the economy and this is going to take time to recover, you see regardless of what business you have or work for, people need to buy things to keep a business going and employers need that to be able to have employees and the longer the Covid-19 effects take the less people will have to spend and this becomes a vicious circle, you can’t have a job, you can’t earn money, you can’t spend money, employers can’t employ people and so on.

Thoughts and conversations like this can have a negative impact on us, however, amazing people always see any negative situation as an opportunity, and the opportunity for people stuck at home now is to learn new skills through online courses.

So, the question, is creating online courses worth it? For me, yes I can help train people all over the world with my courses, learning a new skill can open up new opportunities for everyone.

And to celebrate the launch of my new web design agency as well as help people stuck at home, I am giving away some of my courses FREE to anyone willing to learn (time sensitive-act now).

Please visit to learn more.

Wishing you and your family the best through these difficult times.